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Welcome to the world of “GETGES”

“A citizen who provides great ideas to the Nation will become Prime Minister or Chief Minister.”

GETGES is founded by B.A.V.V. Satya Prasad

In getges.com, we have written about the concepts of becoming Prime Minister or Chief Minister because we believe that the ideas of a citizen are endless and abundant. Citizens of the world will think about the well-being of the region just like they think about their future, families and the community. In addition, people like them would always thrive to produce their ideas in front of people for the welfare of others. Therefore, they are equivalent to the people’s representatives of a country.

In our world, there are unlimited resources; but, only 5% of them are being used for human beings. If we are ever to utilize 100% of the natural resources there is only one way i.e. to make use of every intellectual thought produced by the people of the world. Then it becomes easy to utilize complete resources available. In this way, the economic system of the world will be strengthened and everyone can live with happiness.

Getges.com website is established to bring forth every idea of the citizens across the world. We do not want an idea to go wasted within the mind of a scholar. Further, we want to show the patriotism a citizen has towards the country and the world in general. This can be shown by the zeal shown by an individual while providing new ideas for the welfare of the nation.

We believe that a citizen who contributes his thought to a Nation and thinks of the well-being of the people will be a Prime Minister of Chief Minister. In addition, they will become the roots for the development of economic systems. It is for this reason; we are presenting the thought of many through www.getges.com.

Our goal is to reach out as many people as possible with innovative ideas and bring a change in the thought process of the people.

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