Terms and Conditions

Our Intention

The world has grown rapidly when it comes to economy or technology, but when we think of human welfare we are declining by the day. Hence, there is a need for innovative thoughts that can help the people to live in safety, security and good will.

Getges is established to gather such ideas in one place and give it to the world. This would help those seeking knowledge and at the same time helps the user economically. The subscribed members of this website are expected work without any bias or egoistic attitude. Further, they are expected to feel that whatever they post is a contribution to the welfare of the world and their knowledge is a part of a organic whole, which is the entire body of Getges.

Here are some of the kinds of titles we expect from our users:
  1. How to deal with the depleting sources of Earth?
  2. People with cancer are losing hope in their lives! What can we do?
  3. The cure for the ever-growing prices of medicine.
  4. Learn how to use the unlimited resources available in our planet!
  5. Money is ruling Man. Will this cause the extinction of our species?

Finding solutions to such conflicts that make people suffer around the world can help the human beings to uplift themselves from the current deflating situation. Getges purports to unite the intellectuals who developed their ideas to make the world a better place. The main objective of the website is not to take money from others, but to help other grow by selling their thoughts. Therefore, the users are requested to bear in mind the following Terms and Conditions before subscribing with us:

  1. The users are requested to think carefully before posting a thought or trying to buy a thought.
  2. The posts in Getges belong to the users and not the website. Hence, we do not take any responsibility for Copyright infringements.
  3. All the legal issues should be settled with the concerned user of Getges in case of intellectual theft or Copyright violation.
  4. A visitor who intends to login to Getges will be automatically bound to the Terms and Conditions placed here.
  5. Getges has the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the website without prior notice to the registered members. Hence, the members are expected to see this page from time to time for any modifications.

Please read the Terms and Conditions before entering into the world of Getges so that there won’t be any dilemmas or half-hearted efforts. We expect our members to help the world with their thoughts and believe that our platform is the ideal one to bring change.